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Lightship Leads Investment in Ad Tech Company, VisuWall

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Lightship Capital enters the Ad Tech space with investment in VisuWall, an innovative company offering artificial intelligence driven advertising solutions. The VisuWall platform leverages vacant storefront spaces to promote brands while collecting valuable biometric data around engagement, traffic count and demographic profiles.

“There is not a brand out there that does not want to make a statement, especially after the pandemic year we just had.” Says Visuwall Founder & CEO, Kobi Wu. “Advertising is a super fragmented industry and as brands and retailers reimagine the consumer experience, VisuWall has a network of digital displays in storefronts that will inspire content and ideas, draw engagement and drive sales - right from the window. This is marketing nirvana.”

Lightship's investment will enable VisuWall to expand their team, move into new markets and further develop product.

“Kobi and Visuwall are an investors ideal investment.” Adds Brian Brackeen, Lightship Capital General Partner. She has a company focused on creating leading edge ad solutions utilizing storefronts, right at a time when pandemic culture has created an abundance of empty storefronts for use & QR code mass adoption. Now is the time to capture the market, and our investment is going to help her to do it.”

Kobi Wu has nearly 20 years of marketing and agency experience, and her vision drives all aspects of business including product development, strategy, and operations.

About Lightship Capital

Lightship Capital invests in underrepresented entrepreneurs across the Midwest with a dynamic approach to portfolio building. We find & fund the most remarkable, yet overlooked opportunities in venture including companies led by BIPOC, LBGTQ+, Women & people with disabilities who operate in the CPG, E-Commerce, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, and Healthtech spaces.

About VisuWall

VisuWall turns vacant storefronts into stunning smart billboards, connecting brands to consumers through artificial intelligence. By obtaining biometric data around engagement, traffic count and demographic profiles, VisuWall empowers brands with actionable consumer insights.

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